Using Squarelink

Connecting to the platform via Squarelink is one of the recommended ways of trading on DeversiFi.

What is Squarelink?

Squarelink is a web-based wallet which supports Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin blockchains. Similar to Google, where users can sign in to all web profiles using one account, Squarelink provides a browser native login for all things Blockchain. Through Squarelink, users can connect to any supported dApp such as DeversiFi using the same account. No need to re-login for each website. Squarelink keeps you 100% in control while simultaneously providing account recovery options to ensure your funds are always safe. 

1. Getting started with Squarelink

To begin you will need to register an account at Once created, your private key is encrypted and protected in your browser and never stored with Squarelink. For security purposes please also ensure that after you have signed up with Squarelink, that you turn on Two Factor 2fa security within the Squarelink app for your account. 

Once done, proceed to and begin the on-boarding process.

The account registration can also be initiated from the onboarding section at DeversiFi. Select Squarelink as you preferred method of connection and then click "Connect Squarelink". A new pop-up window will open, asking you to log-in or register a new account. (see screenshot below)

Note: please make sure you make a backup up of the chosen recovery method for your newly created Squarelink account and save it securely, as you will not be able to recover your account without that information. 

2. Connecting Squarelink to DeversiFi

To connect, select Squarelink as the desired method in the second tab “Connect Wallet” of the onboarding window. Proceed to click on the “Connect Squarelink” button. You’ll then be asked to log-in to your Squarelink account via another pop-up.

3. Lock tokens for trading

After signing into Squarelink, the last step before being able to trade, is to lock your tokens. Locking your tokens ensures that DeversiFi can be 100% certain that orders placed within the portal will be settled succesfully. You stay 100% in control of your funds when locking, and the locked tokens are not sent to any privately owned DeversiFi wallet, but instead to a smart contract wrapper (ie ETHW, DAIW, USDTW). You can either lock your tokens via the onboarding prompt, or via the token balances section on the right hand side of the portal

4. Trading with Squarelink

Trading with Squarelink is almost identical to any other browser (e.g. Metamask) or web based wallet. You will be asked to confirm transactions or sign messages when placing orders through a Squarelink pop-up.

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