What is DeversiFi

DeversiFi is a high-speed decentralised trading portal built on top of Ethereum, and the home of digital tokens trading and discussion. Acting as a platform for institutions, developers and enthusiasts to trade and crowdsource information from across the Ethereum ecosystem, accessing the DeversiFi portal is as easy as accessing any other website on the internet. Simply visit the link at app.deversifi.com

Incubated over a 2 year period by Ethfinex under the trustless.ethfinex banner, DeversiFi is now a fully independent exchange that meets the needs of professional traders, without compromising on speed, security or choice.  


1. Decentralised Exchange and Margin Trading**

Non-custodial trading of ERC20 compatible tokens with options for exchange and financed trading.  All within a highly liquid decentralised trading portal, with settlement via the Ethereum blockchain.

2. Over the Counter (OTC) Trading 

Swap any standard ERC20 compliant token, including those which are not currently listed on DeversiFi, with fees being as low as 0.02 %. Orders created via Trustless OTC have the advantage of not being shared on the regular exchange orderbook.

3. API Trading

Build on top of our powerful API. Add exchange capabilities directly to your dApp. 


To stay up to date with DeversiFi, stop by any of our communities below:

Telegram t.me/DeversiFi

Blog blog.deversifi.com

Reddit reddit.com/r/deversifi

Twitter twitter.com/deversifi

Facebook facebook.com/deversifi

LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/deversifi

**Margin Trading coming soon

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