What Can I Propose?

The necDAO is the decentralized nerve-centre of Nectar. When we say decentralized, we mean it. And that means everything and anything can be proposed and voted on by members. 

Stuck for ideas? Below are some examples of a valid proposal: 

  • Those clearly outlining a service for remuneration (e.g. a developer proposing a feature and specifying cost) 

    • A great example of this is The DeversiFi Leaderboard. This was actually successfully proposed in the test DAO and can be seen today here

  • The proposing of oneself to fulfil an important/needed role in the operation of the DAO (e.g. to aid in lead generation and conversion for quality service providers, developers, content creators, etc, with a wage suggestion)

    • The operation and growth of a DAO requires work. A lot of it. As such, you may wish to propose your talents in the service of necDAO.  

  • Anything else that offers a clearly outlined benefit to DeversiFi/Nectar with a specific cost attached. For example, if you are a writer, you may wish to propose a content marketing campaign for necDAO.

    Exemplary, real-world examples from existing DAOs in Alchemy

    5.1 - Example One: Pay Note Takers & its Recurring Proposal Concept

    Link to the proposal in the DAO

    Link to the proposal attachment 

    5.2 - Example Two: Creating the first set of GenDAO’s Vision/Objectives/Key Results 

    Link to the proposal in the DAO 

    Link to the proposal attachment 

    To note, Eric Arsenault turned this into a series of medium articles titles “My DAO Experiment”. 

    Another good example from him is “Crowdsourcing Genesis DAO Logo and Brand” 

    Finally, here is an example of a highly thorough and community-engaged proposal, with commentary and discussion. 

    For more, head to the full list from GenesisDAO, where you can see how proposers have submitted for anything from the above to requesting reputation. This serves as a good reference for how proposals should be submitted and evaluated. 

    As can be seen, the more useful information the better:

    1. A clear and concise summary 

    2. A reasonable request for funds

    3. An attachment with an exhaustive list of resources to convince voters of authenticity, credibility and deliverance 

    5.3 - Suggestive Proposals

    Other ‘suggestive’ (non-remunerable) proposals can also be made such as: 

    • Operational changes (e.g. move the group chat over to discord) 

    • Proposals to how the existing, in-house, Ethfinex team should spend resources (e.g. build a customer service widget for Trustless). 

    • Anything else that does not provide a benefit/cost exchange with an external to Ethfinex provider 

    Examples of request for reputation and what we should look out for when we receive these: 

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