Nectar Token FAQ

Can I buy/sell Nectar tokens?

Nectar tokens are available for trading on an open market, in a similar manner to all other ERC20 tokens trading on DeversiFi.

For more information on how to buy and sell Nectar, please refer to our trading guide.


Is the Nectar token an ERC20 token?

The Nectar token is an Ethereum ERC20 token (see here). This means that it will be possible to view the tokens and transfer them to and from any Ethereum based wallet or application which has support for ERC20.


What is the total & circulating supply of Nectar? 

With the NEC 2.0 model, the total supply will be reduced from 1.018 billion to 570 million after the burning event, with the breakdown being as follows:

Bitfinex 54% - 309 mill (5 year vesting, 20% unlocked per year)

Community 28% - 159 mill (Circulating supply)

DeversiFi 18% - 102 mill (5 year vesting, 20% unlocked per year)

More precise numbers will be released as the burning event takes place, which will also take into consideration tokens held in inactive or lost accounts, or earned but never claimed through verification on Ethfinex. These will never be transitioned to Nectar 2.0 and as a consequence the supply will be further reduced.   


Can US individuals trade Nectar tokens? 

US individuals are unfortunately not able to trade Nectar (NEC). 


When was the final NEC distribution:

The final NEC distribution took place on the 9th of August, 2019.

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