Nectar Distribution and Allocation

With the rebranding of Ethfinex Trustless to DeversiFi and the launch of NEC 2.0, it is highly important to continue in the fashion of transparency in terms of the total and circulating supply for the Nectar token. We will begin with information on the initial amount and current amount, and then disclose the numbers in terms of the new NEC 2.0 model. 

The contract address for NEC is - 0xCc80C051057B774cD75067Dc48f8987C4Eb97A5e

Nec 1.0 Model:

From an Initial 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Billion) tokens:

50% - 500,000,000 - Locked up in a 3 of 6 multisig wallet - 0xC6CDE7C39eB2f0F0095F41570af89eFC2C1Ea828

Made up of:

  • 300,000,000 - Ethfinex to use for operational activities or further incentives.
  • 200,000,000 - Potentially used to attract and on-board future development partners who will help us improve and act upon on our vision.

50% - 500,000,000 - Initial investors and team - up to 400 investors

Made up of:

  • 309,217,807 - Bitfinex as investor (locked up) - 0x567b2DD0Fb4E9381d0752d2BF0b7f7F9E01af47d
  • 190,782,193 - Initial investors 
  • So essentially the tradeable supply = initial investors amount + issuances from monthly token generation events (final issuance was in August 2019) 
  • 190,782,193 + 18,151,704.51 = 208,933,898 tradeable (circulating) supply.

Total supply after the final distribution phase in August 2019 = 1,018,151,704.50 NEC

Nec 2.0 model

With the NEC 2.0 model, the total supply will be reduced from 1.018 billion to 570 million after the burning event, with the breakdown being as follows:

Bitfinex 54% - 309 mill (5 year vesting, 20% unlocked per year)

Community 28% - 159 mill

DeversiFi 18% - 102 mill (5 year vesting, 20% unlocked per year)

More precise numbers will be released as the burning event takes place, which will also take into consideration tokens held in inactive or lost accounts, or earned but never claimed through verification on Ethfinex. These will never be transitioned to Nectar 2.0 and as a consequence the supply will be further reduced. 

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