What to do if your Metamask or Ledger is quoting a very high gas price when you try and deposit to DeversiFi

TLDR - Nine times out of ten, you do not have enough ETH in your on-chain wallet, even if the eventual gas cost of the deposit will be much lower

When you deposit to DeversiFi you are interacting with a smart contract not just making a simple token transfer to another address

Wallets are notoriously bad at estimating the gas cost of interacting with a smart contract and so always over-estimate so that you are not surprised at the eventual cost

if a wallet does not think that you have enough ETH to cover the gas cost of interacting with a smart contract, it will either give you a very high gas estimate (thousands of dollars) or throw an 'out of gas error' if you try to execute, even if the eventual cost of the smart contract interaction is much lower

The solution is to always make sure you have over $150 of ETH in your on-chain wallet, so that your wallet does not get confused and can try to provide you with a more accurate estimate gas quote

Some tokens are more expensive to deposit than others. ETH is the cheapest to deposit to DeversiFi, whereas a token such as AAVE can be more expensive
Your first deposit to DeversiFi is about 20% more expensive than a normal deposit as you are registering with the smart contract for the first time and generating a DeversiFi trading key behind the scenes
Deposit costs from the Ethereum network vary significantly with the global price of gas. Gas prices are lower in early mornings UTC time and weekends
On a low gas price day, an ETH deposit with cost about $15-20
You can always use the DeversiFi <> Polygon bridge to deposit USDC, USDT, DAI, MATIC or ERP from the Polygon Network to DeversiFi

If you are still being quoted a very high gas price for your deposit then try hard refreshing app.deversifi.com and re-trying the deposit. A hard refresh is CMD+SHIFT+R on a Apple computer and CTRL + Shift + R on a Windows computer
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