A snapshot is taken of BPT balances (the token given to liquidity providers of Balancer, representing their stakes tokens) and traders' 24 hour volume at a random time each week.

Unlike some other liquidity mining programs such as UNI and SUSHI mining, Beehive DOES NOT require you to stake your Balancer Pool Tokens (BPT) into any contract. You simply need to hold the BPT in your private Ethereum wallet that is connected to DeversiFi for trading. This specific design choice has a number of benefits:

Reduces gas costs and therefore increases participation in Beehive 📈
Removes the possibility for hacks or exploits that would arise from using a separate BPT staking contract. The only smart contacts that you are trusting is the Balancer smart contracts, which have been battle-tested over the past summer ⛑

How do the Multipliers work?
You get the multiplier if your 24 hour volume on the day of the snapshot
so for example, if the snapshot was taken on a Friday you would not get any multipliers if your volume was:

M $100
T $100
W $0
T $0
F $0

But would get a multiplier if their volume was:

M $0
T $0
W $0
T $0
F $100
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