What Is the Most Secure Way to Connect To DeversiFi?

Please note, this article is meant only as an overview guide, and should not be considered an endorsement of any individual wallet, or meant taken as any sort of crypto/wallet security advice. Please make sure to conduct your own research and make sure that you are comfortable holding custody of your own assets in the wallet of your choice before using DeversiFi, as well as making sure you understand how the DeversiFi Layer 2 operates.

You can connect to DeversiFi using one of the following wallets:

Metamask + Ledger
Metamask Mobile
Trust Wallet (Mobile)

When you interact with DeversiFi (placing orders, swapping etc) you are interacting with the DeversiFi Lager 2 technology using a special trading key. This trading key is needed as the cryptography used by DeversiFi (Starks) is different to that of the Ethereum main chain.

It is widely accepted in the industry that hardware wallets are the safest as they ensure that your Ethereum signing happens on the device, and not on your computer. Therefore if your computer was compromised then your Etheruem key in theory should stay safe

So which wallets are the most secure when interacting with DeversiFi?

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Connecting to DeversiFi directly with a Ledger hardware wallet could be considered the safest option, as both the trading key and your Ethereum key signing happens on the device itself. This is thanks to the wonderful team at Ledger supporting the Stark cryptography on the Ledger devices themselves (native integration). Therefore in theory, if your computer was compromised both your trading key and your Ethereum key are safe.

The only disadvantage is that you need to sign every message and therefore if you are after a fast trading experience on DeversiFi this may not be the option for you.

Metamask (Software Wallets)

Software wallets such as Metamask do not support the Stark (trading key) cryptography natively yet. Therefore when you connect to DeversiFi, you use your Ethereum key to generate a DeversiFi trading key that is stored in your browser. This means that trading on DeversiFi is quick and easy as the signing happens instantaneously when you initiate an action on the DeversiFi UI.

The disadvantage to using software wallets such as Metamask is that if your computer is compromised then your Ethereum private key could be stolen, and also your DeversiFi trading key. It is generally recommended not to keep a large amount of funds in a software wallet

Metamask + Ledger

The Metamask + Ledger (Using Metamask with a linked Ledger) integration with DeversiFi is a half-way-house between the two above options (Hardware vs Software wallet). As Metamask does not allow DeversiFI to access the native trading key generation on Ledger (remember Ledger supports native Stark trading key generation) then the Ethereum key is used to generate a trading key instead. Similar to the Metamask integration, this trading key is kept in the browser, allowing you to quickly trade on DeversiFi

Advantages: Quick trading. Also, if your computer was compromised then your Ethereum private key stays safe (as it is on the Ledger)

Disadvantages: If your computer were to be compromised then your trading key could be stolen and your funds on DeversiFi could be at risk
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