Nectar ($NEC) is the DeversiFi governance token. It is a deflationary token that was not sold as part of an ICO or IEO, but was earned by traders on the Ethfinex exchange (DeversiFi’s former exchange)

For more information about Nectar, including the whitepaper, weekly burn auctions and daily DeversiFi trading volume see the dedicated Nectar.Community website.

NEC Utilities 🟠

BURN 🔥 Up to 50% of DeversiFi trading fee revenue is used to buy & burn NEC tokens from the open market in weekly transparent on-chain auctions
GOVERNANCE 🏛 Nectar is entirely governed by its holders and controlled by a DAO that controls 17,000 ETH
DISCOUNTS 🤑 Coming soon, NEC holders earn trading fee discounts on DeversiFi
REWARDS 💰 Staking into the NEC/wETH Balancer pool earns NEC and BAL rewards as part of the Beehive liquidity mining program
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