Nectar Beehive V1 🐝 is a 12-week sustainable liquidity mining program created to build deep on-chain liquidity for the DeversiFi Nectar ($NEC) token. The program has been designed with the purpose of integrating NEC more deeply into other DeFi projects as well as introducing traders to the high-speed DeversiFi L2 exchange.

Liquidity Providers can stake NEC and/or ETH into a Balancer pool to earn $BAL, a share of 10m $NEC rewards ($1.8m at the time of writing) AND Balancer exchange trading fees. That's a nice yield 🍯

NEC rewards are locked for 12 months from the end of each of the 12 periods to encourage long term participation in the NEC and the DeversiFi ecosystem. This is partly inspired by other renounced projects in the field such as the Synthetix staking program that started in 2018

The 10m NEC rewards used for Beehive are non dilutive as they have been provided by Bitfinex as part of Bitfinex’s investment into DeversiFi. You can read more about this on our blog here.

Or, head straight over to Nectar Beehive and start earning your sweet NEC yield.

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