How to Withdraw Lock Funds if You Lose Your DeversiFi Trading Key

Do not worry if you have lost your DeversiFi Trading Key, your funds are easily recoverable.


1) Use the withdrawal widget in the bottom right hand corner of to request a withdrawal

2) Your balance for the requested asset will disappear from the withdrawal widget and your token balances on DeversiFi. Don't panic, this is expected behaviour

3) When the next withdrawal batch is submitted on-chain by DeversiFi (every 24 hours), your requested withdrawal will again be visible in the withdrawal widget of You can now click 'ready to sent' and submit the on-chain transaction to withdraw the tokens back to your on-chain wallet

If you locate your DeversiFi trading key backup file, then you can re-import this file into DeversiFi when prompted. You will then be asked to migrate your trading key over to the new encrypted system where your trading key is stored on DeversiFi servers. Therefore you do not need to worry about losing your DeversiFi trading key again
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