How to Withdraw Lock Funds if You Lose Your DeversiFi Trading Key

When connecting to DeversiFi using MetaMask, you are required to create an additional key pair. This key pair is what allows your MetaMask app to communicate with our layer 2 exchange in order to execute trades, deposits, withdrawals and other functions. When a user first registers their MetaMask account with DeversiFi, this trading key pair is automatically created and stored in your browser’s local storage. However, it is paramount that the tradings key is backed up. There is a backup prompt during the onboarding process to do this but also an ongoing reminder above the balances widget. Making a backup of your trading key means that if for whatever reason, your trading key pair cannot be found, you will be able to easily and quickly import your back up and continue trading with minimal downtime.

What happens if you misplace or lose your DeversiFi trading key backup file? While there is, of course, nothing DeversiFi can do if you lose your MetaMask, Ledger or Keystore keys, there is an additional method to initiating a withdrawal of locked funds from DeversiFi to your MetaMask Ethereum address without needing your backup or trading key. This is achieved by interacting with the blockchain directly and is a lot more costly and inconvenient than spending a moment to ensure you have backed up your trading keys, so we, of course, recommend that most of all. That said, this method is also very useful to know if for whatever reason you need to interact directly via the blockchain.

Below we detail the steps in text, however, if confused or facing difficulty view the video below for reference. 

Step One: Locate the ‘vaultID’ number associated with your balances.

Each balance has a unique vaultID. As such, if you have 100 USDT & 0.5 ETH locked, you will need the vaultID for each balance.

Head to and if not already connected, connect your wallet.
Open up the ‘inspector’ (usually right-click, inspect) and navigate to the ‘network’ tab (as shown in the video below)
From within here, type ‘getUserConf’ in the search bar
You will then see a number of results titled 'getUserConf'. Click one of these to open up the information
Next, ensure you are on the ‘preview’ tab and select the token registry dropdown
From here, you’ll be able to select a token dropdown and view the corresponding vaultID
Note: ERC20 tokens share the same vaultID as ETH. Stablecoins have their own.
Copy and paste each relevant vaultID and proceed to step 2 below

Step Two: Interacting directly with the Ethereum blockchain to initiate a withdrawal

Now you have your vaultIDs, head over to the DeversiFi exchange contract here
Connect your MetaMask wallet to be able to write to contract
On the ‘write as proxy’ tab, navigate down to item 9. fullWithdrawalRequest
Here, copy and paste your vaultID (only do one at a time) and click ‘write’
Next, do the process again with each balance still locked
Once the tx is confirmed, your locked tokens will be pending withdrawal (included the next batch of withdrawals)

Step Three: Completing the transcation

Return to
Connect your wallet (same as the one with the lost trading key)
You should now see your withdrawals marked as "ready" in the withdrawal widget
Click on the withdrawals to complete the final transaction and get the funds in your wallet

Video Tutorial

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*Note, it may be prudent to take note of your vaultIDs so that you may use them in the future to interact directly with the DeversiFi smart contract if needed.
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