DVF Token Airdrop for NEC Holders on Bitfinex
How to Receive Your DVF Airdrop if You Were Holding NEC On Bitfinex

You need to complete the below linked form if you held NEC on Bitfinex on 24th March 2021, at Ethereum block 12107360, and therefore qualify for an airdrop of DVF tokens.

More information is available at the following posts:

The airdrop will occur on DeversiFi L2, which avoids Ethereum network fees for transferring tokens and claiming the airdrop. In order to claim it you must therefore provide an Ethereum address that you can use to access the DeversiFi platform in the future to claim your DVF tokens. This can be an address that you are already using to trade on DeversiFi, or a new address that you will register (by making your first deposit to DeversiFi) at the time of the DVF airdrop.

By completing this form and providing an email address you agree to be contacted by the DeversiFi Team.

if you were holding NEC on Bitfinex at the time of the snapshot in March then you would have received an email in Match from Bitfinex linking to a similar form. If you have already completed that form then you do not need to complete the below linked form again.

Please complete this form
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