DVF DeversiFi Launch Market (DLM) Walkthrough Guide

The DVF token will be launching via a DeversiFi Launch Market (DVF) on the 8th July 3pm UTC+1.

This guide is a collection of useful materials to help you understand the DLM, how the DVF DLM will work and what you need to do in order to participate

What is a DeversiFi Launch Market (DLM)
How will the DVF DLM work
How do I participate in the DVF DLM

What is a DeversiFi Launch Market?

Before you even think about participating in the DVF DLM, it is essential that you understand what a DLM is and how it works.

A DeversiFi Launch Market (DLM) is a token fair launch mechanism which combines elements of a reverse auction with continues liquidity in order to establish the market price of a token by involving all participants.

The starting price of a DLM starts high and slowly decays, therefore removing the problem of fastest-finger-first and front running.

As a DLM is hosted on the DeversiFi Layer 2, participants do not pay gas and can participate in privacy, whilst still maintaining full control of their funds, meaning token project can reach a much wider audience who might be put off participating due to high Ethereum gas costs on Layer 1

A complete guide to DLMs can be found here

What is the DVF DLM?

The DVF token is the Governance token of the DeversiFi protocol. DVF holders govern the protocol by changing aspects of how DeversiFi operates, including fees charged. DVF holders earn fees generated by DeversiFi. For more details on the DVF token, see the DVF pages on the main DeversiFi website

2,000,000 DVF tokens are being made available from the DVF DAO treasury for the community to buy in the inaugural DLM

DVF DLM Purpose:

All USDt raised from the sale will be entirely community governed and will be used to seed a Uniswap DVF pool directly after the DVF DLM closes, with a maximum of 2,000,000 being matched from the DVF DAO treasury. This ensures that there is a long term permeant source of liquidity fro DVF and the DVF DAO earns fees from the Uniswap trading activity

DVF DLM parameters

The key DVF DLM parameters are as follows:

Start time: Thursday 8th July 3pm UTC +1
End time: Saturday 10th July 3pm UTC +1
Duration: 48 hours
Start price: $2
Floor price $0.4
Base currency: DVF
Quote currency: USDt
Starting DVF 'pool' tokens: 2,000,000
Starting USDT 'pool' tokens: 0
Time decay function: Log
The DLM will be closed at the end of the 48 hours, not before
DVF Liquidity: immediate
Minimum order size: approximately $30-50 worth of DVF
Maximum order size: none

What will the circulating supply be?

The circulating supply directly after the DVF DLM will depend on how many DVF tokens are sold in the DVF DLM

2,000,000 DVF tokens sold in the DLM + matched liquidity (up an additional 2,000,000) from the DVF treasury to seed a Uniswap pool

5,000,000 DVF tokens used as a DeversiFi company float for use in liquidity provision (CEX listings), fast withdrawal pools, collateral in market making etc.

What is the the DVF market capitalisation?

DVF has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens and a circulating supply after the DLM of c.7,000,000-9,000,000 tokens. Multiply the number of tokens by the price of DVF (discovered during the DLM) to obtain either the fully diluted market cap or the circulating market cap.

What is the DVF token issuance schedule?

Shortly after the DLM, additional DVF will be made liquid via a DVF airdrop to NEC holders (7%) , active users of DeversiFi (maximum 5.5% spread over multiple airdrops) and the start of liquidity mining on DeversiFi (maximum 46% linear unlock over 3 years, needs to be approved by DVF holders)

After 1 year, the strategic supporter purchases of DVF will begin to unlock (from the 30th May 2022) with a 2 year linear issuance schedule (12.5%)

For more details on the DVF token issuance, see the DVF tokenomics page on the DeversiFi website

DVF DLM Price Evolution Scenarios

This spreadsheet can be used to run scenarios on the price progression of DVF through the DLM based on different buying and selling activities

Scenario 1: no Tokens sold :

Scenario 2: 75% Token bought evenly through the sale, but weighted towards the back of the sale:

Scenario 3: 90% Token bought unevenly, through the sale, with both buying & re-selling:

How to Participate

In order to participate in the DVF DLM, you will need to first ensure that you have USDt on DeversiFi. You can then swap your USDt for DVF tokens using the purpose built DVF DLM swap page when the DLM reaches a price that you think values the DVF token at the correct price for you.

1. Fund your DeversiFi account with USDt

Either deposit USDt directly to your DeversiFi account, or deposit another token and then swap for USDt on DeversiFi to ensure that you have USDt ready for the DLM

You can connect to DeversiFi using the following wallets
Metamask with a linked Ledger
Ledger (direct connection)
The in-built Brave Metamask wallet

A walkthrough guide on how to deposit to DeversiFi can be found here

2. Swap your USDt for DVF in the DLM

Once you have funded your DeversiFi account with USDt you need to navigate to the DVF DLM Launch page by using the header link


Once the DVF DLM starts, you will be able to see the live market price on the screen

When the price of DVF reaches your target price, use the swap widget on the left hand side of the screen to swap your USDt for DVF. Make sure to check the slippage and price before you swap!

You can re-sell your bought DVF using the same interface

Note, the text and numbers in the below screenshot are for illustrative purposes only

if you have any questions or queries then make sure you join the discussion on Discord
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