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What are ZK-STARKs?

What are ZK-STARKs?

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ZK-STARKs (or STARKs, for short) are a state-of-the-art trustless ZKP that is also post-quantum secure. Transparent (the T in STARK) means it requires no trusted setup (unlike other proof systems). Scalable (the S in STARK) means that compared to the native computation, the prover’s computational work scales quasi-linearly, while the verifier’s computational work scales logarithmically. This creates a significant asymmetry between the prover and verifiers in terms of computational load - a trait that makes STARKs a natural candidate for scaling blockchains.

In full, ‘ZK-STARKs’ stands for Zero-Knowledge - Scalable Transparent ARguments of Knowledge. For further exploration, head here.


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