Nectar Distribution and Allocation

On the 27th March 2020, DeversiFi burned 400,000,000 NEC tokens (US $20m), removing them from circulating supply, symbolising the move from the Nectar 1.0 inflationary model to the Nectar 2.0 deflationary tokenomics model,

Approximate breakdown of NEC distribution as of the 18th November 2020:

Total Supply 618,133,330
Bitfinex Unvested/Locked: 246,710,039 - 0x2fe43a28ad82a7fc5422ab8e9ea4efdeb1655f41
DeversiFi Unvested/Locked: 67,810,617.65 - 0xfceb04c697a7708776c3936760ae256eb92046f5
Beehive Liquidity Mining Rewards: 10,000,000 - 0x346554d48b7ffcdf219346b0897f2336d9da39fe
EARN Insurance: 11,326,832 - 0x520cf70a2d0b3dfb7386a2bc9f800321f62a5c3a
Bitfinex: 51,677,510.60 - 0x567b2dd0fb4e9381d0752d2bf0b7f7f9e01af47d"
Circulating: 230,608,331

*Note: various token listing sites such as CoinMarketCap show a slightly different circulating supply than we describe above. This is due to their rubric for calculating available supply and locked supply.

We do not consider tokens that are held in vesting or staking contracts, privately allocated to long term investors or put away for future use (marketing, bounty programs, ecosystem development etc) as part of circulating supply. This is regardless of whether the tokens are "unlocked", able to be traded, or will be distributed in the future. This is why we track the addresses so that we can update the circulating supply information dynamically as tokens flow into circulation.

DeversiFi and Bitfinex tokens are vested over 4 years with 20% unlocked per year starting in March 2020

The contract address for NEC is - [0xCc80C051057B774cD75067Dc48f8987C4Eb97A5e] (
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