Intro to the Nectar Token

Originally designed to maintain liquidity and market efficiency through the incentivisation of platform loyalty on Ethfinex, the Nectar Token has expanded to be more than a loyalty reward for platform users.

NEC adheres to the ERC20 Token Standard to ensure cross-compatibility with most smart contracts.
Token Functionality & Governance

The fundamental purpose of the Nectar token is to grow the world's largest community of decentralised exchange users.

The Nectar token gives its holders the opportunity to participate in the governance of the necDAO. The necDAO has 17,000 ETH pledged to it and how those funds are deployed is controlled by voting in the DAO.

More Info

To learn more about the Nectar token, please refer to the Nectar 2.0 Whitepaper and the Nectar community website, which outlines the complete vision for the token.
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