Proposal Best Practices

It is paramount to follow best practices when interacting with necDAO. Not only is this required for your proposal to pass, but will protect the healthy functioning and longevity of necDAO.

Best Practices (& Template) for Proposals

The DAOstack team have done an excellent job in breaking down how a proposal should look. You can view it in full detail here with two templates here. There are also a number of exemplary examples in Genesis DAO.

Each and every proposal must factor in the following points:

Proposals significantly greater than 600 USD equiv. must be broken down into deliverables. E.g. a proposal of $20,000 must be broken down into at least 3 milestones, which each milestone representing its own proposal for funds.

Each proposal must include a social verification link. This can be a tweet, confirming your social identity. The more you can verify the stronger your proposal. So if you are a well-known developer or content creator, be sure to prove this in your proposal. This helps with accountability, and help protect against impersonators.

Any proposal requesting funds for work must clearly detail the work to be done, the deliverables, the timeline, the person(s) completing the work and in general must be comprehensive (and convincing).

Proposals submitted to necDAO should relate to the DeversiFi and Nectar ecosystem in a visible capacity.


In short, requirements for proposal templates can be split into two:

1. Proposals ≤ 600 USD equiv.

2. Proposals ≥ 600 USD equiv.

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