Connect Using MetaMask

Please note that you can connect to DeversiFi using the Metamask extension for Chrome, Brave or Firefox, but not the following ways:

Ledger va Metamask ❌
The in-built Metamask wallet for Brave ❌

Please either connect directly using the Metamask browser extension, or connect directly via Ledger ✅

Connecting using MetaMask is one of the easiest methods to get started on DeversiFi. This is due to its ease of use and security meaning your private key is never exposed to websites you connect with. After setting up the MetaMask extension in your browser, you need to connect your MetaMask account to your DeversiFi exchange wallet before you can deposit tokens to DeversiFi.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is an Ethereum-based wallet that runs from within your web browser, allowing you to store and manage your wallet keys directly from your own device without having to entrust a third-party provider.

After installing the MetaMask extension from either your browser store (e.g. Chrome store) or the official MetaMask website you will see their icon appear in your browser’s extensions bar.

To get started, simply click this icon and follow the step by step instructions to set up a new MetaMask identity (wallet) or use your existing MetaMask wallet.

At this stage it is paramount to ensure you have adequately written down or otherwise recorded your secret recovery seed-phrase and stored it somewhere safe.

Once done, you need to fund your MetaMask wallet with some ETH tokens in order to pay for gas fees during the wallet registration process with DeversiFi

2. Connecting your MetaMask Wallet to your DeversiFi Trading Wallet For the First Time

When you visit with an unlocked MetaMask account, a popup window will ask you for a signature request. This costs no gas and just lets DeversiFi know that you have access to a private wallet. Signing a message such as the below does not give DeversiFi any access to your wallet or expose your private key. 

If you have not previously used your MetsMask account with the StarkWare-powered DeversiFi before, then you need to connect and register your MetaMask wallet to your DeversiFi exchange wallet.

If you receive the ‘MetaMask Locked’ error at any time during the process, please double check you have entered your password into MetaMask before attempting to connect your wallet.

Click the 'Onboarding' button in the top right hand corner of

2) Select Wallet

Select MetaMask from the list of wallets that are presented

3) Confirm The MetaMask Option

Click the 'Connect MetaMask button'

Note, if nothing happens at this stage then it is likely that you have denied a DeversiFi signature request at some point during your visit to You simple need to refresh and sign the signature request that pops up

`You should see a 'Success' message in the bottom right hand corner and your MetaMask balances should be shown in the 'Balances' widget

4) Deposit Tokens

You are now ready to deposit tokens to your DeversiFi exchange account

Deposit Tokens Instructions
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