Connect Using Keystore

Connecting using Keystore is one of the quickest and easiest methods to get started on DeversiFi. Your Keystore wallet is an Ethereum wallet that lives in your browser, allowing you to store and manage your wallet keys directly from your own device without having to entrust a third-party provider.

You can generate a new Keystore wallet, or import an existing Keystore wallet by uploading an encrypted JSON file that contains your private key

Once you have created or imported a Keystore wallet, you need to transfer your ERC20 tokens to the keystore wallet before you can deposit them to DeversiFi. 

1) Generate or import Keystore wallet (this article) 

2) Transfer your ERC20 tokens to your Keystore wallet

3) Register (one time only) and Deposit tokens to DeversiFi from your Keystore wallet

1) Navigate to the Connect via Keystore Option?

In the top right hand corner of[]( click either 'Onboarding' or 'Change Wallet' 

Select the 'Keystore/Local' option

2) Generate or Import A Keystore Wallet

When you visit the Keystore section of on-boarding for the first time, a new Keystore wallet will automatically be generated for you. You can use this Keystore wallet, or generate a new one using the 'Create new' button

It is very important that you backup your Keystore Ethereum wallet using the 'Back up wallet' option. DeversiFi does not have access to your Keystore wallet and cannot help you recover it if you lose your encrypted JSON file.

You can also import or restore an existing Keystore file by uploading the encrypted JSON file associated with that wallet from your computer 

3) Transfer ERC20 tokens to your Keystore

Before depositing tokens to DeversiFi, you need to fund your Keystore wallet with the ERC20 tokens that you would like to deposit to DeversiFi

4) Deposit Tokens

You are now ready to deposit tokens to your DeversiFi exchange account

Deposit Tokens Instructions
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