Ledger <> DeversiFi Connectivity Troubleshooting

Sometimes when connecting your Ledger directly to DeversiFi (not via Metamask) your Ledger can either be stuck 'pending,' not display any prompts to sign transactions or generally be buggy (the DeversiFi App is not displaying your funds etc).

If you are having problems when connecting your Ledger to DeversiFi then 9 times out of 10, any combination of the following will likely solve your issue

1) Software Version Check

Check to make sure that you have the latest version of both the Ledger Live software and the Ethereum App.

At the vest least you should have the following versions, but always try to have the very latest software versions by following the Ledger recommended steps to update your device software:

2) Unresponsive Ledger

If your Ledger is unresponsive, please try unplugging and plugging back into your computer again.

3) Check that your Ledger is not locked

Check that your Ledger is not locked when you are trying to initiate actions on DeversiFi

4) Enable Contract Data

Ensure that you have 'contract data' enabled on your Ledger device.

5) Hard Refresh The DeversiFi App

Sometimes something in your browser cache may be interfering with your Ledger connection.

Navigate to app.deversifi.com and initiate several hard refreshes (one after the other) to clear your cache thoroughly.

Windows: CTRL + Shift + R
Mac: CMD + Shift + R

6) Clear Your Browser Cache

You can also completely clear your browser cache, completely exit the browser (kill the instance of the browser) and restart the browser.

7) Use A Different Browser

Sometimes an extension or advert blocker may be interfering with your connection. Try using a different browser. Ledger is compatible with Chrome and Brave browsers.

8) Stuck Pending at Registration Stage

After trying all of the above steps, if your Ledger is still 'stuck' at the 'pending' stage when you are trying to register with DeversiFi for the first time, or no TX is displayed for you to sign on your Ledger device then you may have started the registration process with Metamask, but then later switched to Ledger.

At the moment it is only possible to connect to DeversiFi with either your Metamask+Ledger, or Ledger directly (ie you cannot switch between the two connection methods).

If you think that you may have initially connected to DeversiFi using Metamask (signing a message using Metamask) but later switched to connecting via Ledger directly, then please reach out to DeversiFi Customer support and we may be able to reset you account so that you can continue to register with a direct Ledger connection (ie not using Ledger+Metamask together).
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